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Affordable Porcelain Veneers

GlamSmile is a revolutionary, painless, and very affordable porcelain veneer solution for discolored, stained, damaged, worn or plain looking teeth. With this great procedure, your beautiful new smile can be created by our Dental Professionals in less time than ever before with Australia’s most affordable, minimal preparation porcelain veneers.

Painless Process

“Minimal prep” porcelain veneers, mean in most cosmetic cases, there is no need to grind or shave away your healthy tooth structure (unlike the painful process of thicker and bulkier traditional veneers), making GlamSmile Cosmetic Dentistry a truly great, safe and best of all, extremely affordable way to totally create a new stunning look of your teeth, creating a whiter, straighter, younger and healthier looking smile with beautiful results.

Affordable Dental Procedures

GlamSmile was introduced to Australia in 2008 with the goal of making beautiful, glamorous smiles a reality for many people who had previously found cosmetic dental procedures were simply unaffordable. Contact our local Dental practice and see what they can do to create your new glamorous and gorgeous smile. Contact us today!

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