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Tongue Tie & Lip Tie are common conditions from birth and can both cause a variety of difficulties from feeding to speech development to tooth positioning. Early diagnosis is usually quite simple and often recognized immediately after birth. It is not uncommon for a baby with tongue tie to also have lip tie, fortunately both can be treated in the same appointment at The Tongue Tie Clinic.

For an even more extensive look into this condition please refer to The Tongue Tie Clinic

Untreated Tongue Tie

Untreated tongue tie can affect the appearance and structure of the face, tongue and teeth, causing pain, discomfort and difficulty in the functionality of the facial region.

A main motivation for treating tongue tie on infants is what is commonly a direct relationship between tongue tie and difficult or painful breastfeeding. It is important to note that tongue tie does not improve over time.

Untreated Lip Tie

Similar to tongue tie, lip tie occurs when a piece of skin under the top or bottom lip is very short and thick, pinning the lip to the gum. It can cause the same discomforts associated with tongue tie but thankfully can be addressed simultaneously with the tongue tie treatment.

Tongue tie and lip tie conditions can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for both child and adult and at our Clinic we pride ourselves on providing those affected by these conditions with the utmost care and compassion in order to alleviate it swiftly and professionally.

Children With Tongue Tie Can Suffer From:

• Difficulty Breast Feeding
• Speech Difficulty
• Dribbling
• Dental Hygiene Problems
• Gagging
• Eating Difficulties

If left untreated in adulthood it can progress to jaw discomfort, protrusion, pain and displacement and can have a negative impact on self-confidence, normal social behaviour such as speech, voice projection, kissing can cause unnecessary stress.

Children With Lip Tie Can Suffer From:

• Difficulty Breast Feeding
• Gap Between Upper or Lower Front Teeth (depending on which lip is tied)

Laser Treatment

There are few options to consider if you are making the decision to undergo treatment for yourself or your child. At our Clinic we are strong advocates for laser treatment which is suitable for newborns, older children and adults. Our team offers a topical or a local anaesthetic depending on your desire or the patient’s needs, but the procedure is very quick, with low risk of bleeding, pain or infection and has a faster healing time than the conventional method.

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